This is so important to me that I hosted a radio show on KTOK for several years called the Guerrilla Gourmet. It gave me the opportunity to promote other businesses and owners in the state, at no cost to them.I have consulted many Oklahoma companies as well as taught marketing skills to many Oklahoma Entrepreneurs.


The thing we hear most about from the people in charge right now is bringing business into Oklahoma. And it’s wonderful that they have been able to bring in large businesses here. The fact of the matter is 92% of Oklahomans are employed by small business and they have been left out of this search from the present administration. What I would like to do is focus on small business because that is where the growth is available and the easiest place to attain. Small businesses need to be able to open without 35 different licenses; that’s what I needed to open my restaurant. We have got to find out a simpler way for the state, the county, and the city to get a business open. Small businesses need to know that they are part of the economy also. Every tax break and every gift we give to major corporations we need to give to small business. Small business is where the growth in Oklahoma really exists.


Since I have been a small business owner that started from scratch; I actually know what they will go through when they start their small business. Instead of trying to woo one large company, we could woo 100 small companies in the mean time. Yes, maybe they start off as mom and pop businesses, but they will stay here in Oklahoma, they will pay taxes in Oklahoma, they’ll support our school system, they’ll support our infrastructure, they’ll l be a part of our community. They are the next community leaders of Oklahoma and it is our job to help develop them and I am in the perfect position to be able to make this happen.

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